Blame Old Quacks For Ducks’ Clipping

If it weren’t for old hags Teemu Selanne and Scott Neidermayer, the Anaheim Ducks may still be alive against Dallas Stars in the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Instead, the Ducks lost the first-round series in six games and are now the fifth consecutive team to have won Lord Stanley’s Cup and not advanced past their first playoff opponent the following season.

Selanne and Niedermayer combined for two goals, four assists and a minus-3 rating in the six games. Pretty pathetic numbers for two sure-fire HOFers trying to give it one last, final shot at… paying the mortgage by way of playing professional hockey.

The two clearly should have stayed retired. The Ducks would’ve been better served allowing younger, hungrier players to play key minutes, especially with the series tied in Game 3. Neither Selanne or Neidermayer pointed in that game and the Ducks fell behind in the series for good.

The Game 6, the Ducks were blitzed for four goals in the third period en route to a 4-1 loss and an early playoff exit. The only note-worthy item from the game was that Selanne scored the Ducks’ lone goal on an assist from Neidermayer in the second period. Way to put your name on the statsheet guys!

They both obviously lacked the motivation and desire it took to win another Cup. Selanne had chased one his whole life before the Ducks’ improbable run to glory last season; and Neidermayer was no longer being pushed by his teammate and brother Rob, who, like Selanne, had also been Cup-less before last season.

So it is, without much notice, that they’ll both likely retire for good this off-season. Two great careers linked by two years together in Anaheim, where they connected to score their team’s final goal of a 2008 season in which they wasted their own time and plenty of the Ducks’ money.



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2 responses to “Blame Old Quacks For Ducks’ Clipping

  1. Turbo Negro

    Way to rip two of hockey’s best a new one. I going to tell them where you live so they can come to your house and take turns hip checking you…lol

  2. J to the P

    Only one problem: Their regular-season record wouldn’t have been good enough to make the playoffs if those two didn’t come back.

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