Cowboys Acquire Another Knucklehead

The Dallas Cowboys have a long history of success — five Super Bowl wins, two Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks, the star on the helmet. Yet despite all that is good, all that is “America” about the Cowboys, they can’t stop acquiring knuckleheads.

The latest is Adam “Pacman” Jones, who has a long history of failure — numerous arrests, an alleged forced extortion, the small brain UNDER his helmet. Yet despite all that is bad, all that is toxic about Pacman, the Cowboys want him anyway.

Jones, a first-round draft pick by the Tennessee Titans two years ago, may not even play this season. He’s still waiting for Roger Goodell to reinstate him after being suspended for the entire 2007 season.

But that didn’t stop the Cowboys from trading a fourth-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft to the Titans to acquire his rights. The Cowboys also agreed to send another pick in 2009 should Jones reach a playing-time quota, while the Titans agreed to return a pick should Jones NOT play.

So the Cowboys have covered their backsides in the event Jones remains suspended; they still have an owner who has the unstoppable urge to sign players rife with personal turmoil (real or imagined) and pay more than market cost.

Case No. 1: Terrell Owens. Everyone knows this guy is a head-case, at best. At worst he’s a locker-room cancer who takes shots at his quarterback in the media. Sure he can play, but at what cost? He’s under contract for $10 million next season.

Case No. 2: Tank Johnson. What’s a little drugs and some guns to today’s NFL player? Jail time? He’s served plenty. He’s also the starting nose tackle and being paid about $404,000 for next season. Not a bad paycheck for a guy who can go jailhouse on an opposing tackle at any time.

Case No. 3: Pacman Jones. He’s the new O.J.! He’s on TV more than Peyton Manning! And he still has court dates! Now there’s news he paid money to a man linked with the “Make it Rain” shooting in Las Vegas. As part of his plea deal with Nevada authorities, he’s picked that man out of a lineup recently but must still testify in the case. Jones’ lawyer said the trade has nothing to do with his legal status.

Obviously, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones must really believe in giving second chances. He’s kind of like a redemtion healer. “Bring me your tired, your sick, your malajusted, delinquent and criminal…” Can he get Pacman on a path toward success? Perhaps. One thing is for sure though… must take one to know one.

Do you think Pacman will help the Cowboys? Take the poll.


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