LeBron’s So Good He Wants To Slap His Mama

Not that coming back from an 0-2 deficit against the Boston Celtics wasn’t difficult enough, but LeBron James also seamlessly introduced his mother to America via f-bomb. Nice.

Too bad someone didn’t call him on it at the time. He could have avoided all the negative attention he’s now geeting from the media and elsewhere.

If only had Kevin Garnett said: “Man, that’s your mom! Now apologize before I bust your head, fool.”

But he didn’t and LeBron remains the worst son of all time. He’s been lambasted in the media, received scorn from mothers everywhere and I think PETA wants him cited for cruelty to animals. Maybe not.

He’s still incredible, nonetheless. He’s probably the most physically dominant player the NBA has ever seen. He’ll score 45, drop a dunk on your dome AND tell his mama to sit the f-ck down all in the span of 48 minutes.

He’s going to win more MVPs than Humanitarian of the Year awards, that’s for sure. He’s a one-man wrecking crew on the basketball court and he’s apparently on a mission to win championships. He almost did it last year. He could do it this year, if he really wants to.

Either way, this episode is sure to be remembered fondly, mostly by Cavaliers fans.

CavsFan1: “Remember the year LeBron averaged 30, dunked on K.G. in the playoffs and told his mom to sit the f-ck down?”

CavsFan2: “Yeah. What a great year. Too bad we lost in 7 to the Celtics. Next year, LeBron should slap his mama. We’d go all the way.”

Is LeBron James a bad person? Take the poll.


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