Barkley’s Gambling A No-Wynn Situation

TNT basketball analyst/clown Charles Barkley owes Wynn Casino in Las Vegas $400,000, it has been reported. Filed in a Clarke County (Nev.) court on May 15 was a lawsuit claiming Barkley failed to reimburse the casino for four $100,000 gambling markers spent last October.

Forget that that was SIX MONTHS ago. How was he able to leave the casino? Doesn’t Wynn have security guards, cameras, dogs? Why didn’t someone stop him at the door and say: “Excuse me, Mr. Barkley. Umm. Aren’t you gonna pay?”

Now the Round Mound of Rebound is having his dirty laundry once again aired in front of everyone. The funny part is, he’s got a regular TV gig where the subject is bound to come up. Barkley will probably say it’s a big misunderstanding, pay Wynn back plus interest, and it’ll be water under the bridge.

But something needs to be done. How many times do we have to hear about his gambling problem? Even HE admits he has a problem. The time is now. He’s getting to be just as bad as John Daly, without all the skanky women. The studio guys at TNT should host an intervention, on air, and make Barkley agree to seek counseling.

Ernie Johnson could be the moderator: “Look Charles. We love you and we want to help.”

Kenny Smith could administer the tough-love: “You’re a dumb-ass, Chuck. You NEED help.”

And Avery Johnson could watch the door, just in case Chuckles decides to make a run for it.

 What should Barkley do about his gambling problem? Take the poll.


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