Lakers’ Bynum Has Surgical Focus

When Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum first hurt his left knee in mid-January, he was supposed to rehab in time to be ready for the playoffs.

Then, in late April, coach Phil Jackson said Bynun’s chances of returning this season were “remote.”

Now Bynum is having arthroscopic surgery Wednesday on his injured knee and his future playing status has yet to be determined. Reportedly, the surgery is exploratory in nature and will likely involve the repair of some “fraying” on the underside of his kneecap.

Sounds painful. Hopefully the procedure is to fix the initial injury and not a new one sustained while spending half the season away from the court, up at the club or at a keg party like… this.

Ah, but kids will be kids. After all, Bynum’s only 20. And like all good 20-year-olds, he’s out having fun and trying to, umm, have even more fun.

But there is nothing funny about this fact: Bynum is the key to the Lakers’ competitive future post-Kobe Bryant. He was producing at a very high level (13 ppg, 10 rpg) pre-injury and had fans thinking championships even before the trade for Pau Gasol. Now there’s no telling whether or not he’ll ever be the same.

Though the odds, and his age, are in Bynum’s favor thanks to medical science, the Lakers should explore trading him this offseason, if only to gauge his value. See what he’s worth, because talented big men with gimpy knee(s) are like Kentucky Derby winners that pull up lame in the Preakness two weeks later. That is, they’re only good for one thing… breeding.

From the look of things, Bynum won’t have any problem with that.

Will Bynum ever be a dominant center in the NBA? Take the poll.


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