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ESPN’s Magic/Bird Promo Creepy

Have you seen it? At first it looks like two actors doing a spoof on ESPN’s current commercials for the NBA Playoffs.

You know, the ones where the faces of NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are split side-by-side and they’re saying the same tired line about fear or loneliness or whatever. There’s been a thousand of these since the end of April.

Well this one features Magic Johnson and Larry Bird talking about the NBA’s greatest rivalry, the Lakers vs. the Celtics.

And it is the greatest rivalry — the two teams are meeting for the 11th time in the NBA Finals.

But what is supposed to be an inspired bit of historical reverence for the NBA comes off looking like Michael Clarke Duncan and John Goodman doing their best Magic and Bird. It really does have the look and feel of a farce.

But since what we’re seeing IS the real Magic and Bird, the commercial becomes almost surreal. Like you’re watching ghosts, or at least the faces of ghosts. Magic’s head wasn’t always so fat and round; and Bird (if that is his real face) looks like he washed his head and neck with a powdered donut.


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