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He Should Bolt For The NFL

This guy is amazing. Two races, two world records, two Olympic gold medals.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, winner of both the Men’s 100 and 200 at the 2008 Beijing Games, is undoubtedly the world’s fastest man. Earth has literally been scorched beneath his feet.

Now the question is: How fast will the NFL come calling?

As electrifying an athlete as there is in China this summer, Bolt shocked viewers with his awesome margin of victory in the 100 before displaying his unbridled athleticism in winning the 200.

One would think there has got to be a team looking for a 6-foot-5 deep threat who can run 50 yards in the blink of an eye. A bigger, faster Terrell Owens, anyone?

Olympic sprinters have had some success in the NFL, though none were nearly as fast as Bolt. James Jett comes to mind, but only because his name, like Bolt’s, is an easy image to conjure.

Bolt could make millions in only a few short seasons in the NFL. Sure, he’ll receive plenty of livestock and ganja upon his triumphant return to Jamaica. But he could buy all the pork and pot he could ever want for a lifetime playing just the three-plus years between now and the 2012 London Games.

And if his hands fail him as a receiver, you could still be the best special teams player the league has ever seen. Imagine him returning kickoffs and punts… or as a gunner in kick coverage. Scratch that. He’d probably outrun most kicks.


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