Who Had The Bigger Game 1 Hit?

Wollowing in my own mire over the Los Angeles Angels’ Game 1 loss to the Boston Red Sox isn’t easy. I’ve had to avoid any mention of Jason Bay’s two-run homer at every turn — Sportscenter, ESPNNews and ESPNRadio.com mostly. Maybe I should avoid those media outlets? Yeah, maybe.

Well from what I can tell, there seems to be a fascination over Bay’s homer. Maybe it’s because it’s “Bah-stin” and ESPN is googoo-gahgah over the hometown team. Maybe it’s because Bay’s story is an interesting one. You know he was traded for Manny Ramirez and such, right? Anyway, questions confound.

But for as huge as the home run was — it gave the BoSox a 2-1 lead — it wasn’t nearly as big as the home run James Loney hit in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Game 1 win over the Chicago Cubs. Actually, Loney’s was a grand-slam. That’s four runs, not just two and gave the Dodgers a 4-2 lead.

Basic baseball mathematics aside, I propose two more reasons why Loney’s slam has been downplayed by Entertainment & Sports Programming Network thus far:

1. Their crush on Theo Epstein and the Red Sox. OK, that’s not really “another” reason but it’s still the best one. I find it sad, really. It’s like the producers of ESPN all wear big B’s on their hats and no one’s ever heard of life outside Red Sox Nation. Whatever. I’d do the same, I guess. Especially if I melted like they must everytime they see footage of Theo, sweet Theo.

2. As much as people WANT the Cubs to win, nobody actually expects that to happen. Loney’s grandslam overturned a 2-0 deficit. But so what? It was as expected as a black cat, a Bartman or bad infielders. The Cubs are supposed to lose. If they didn’t then that’d be the story. Besides, it’s widely acknowedged that Cubs fans think the sky is falling. The weird part — they still want to win so badly. I think that’s called “going against your better instincts.”

Sounds really stupid, but they do it every day.

Who had the bigger Game 1 hit? Take the poll.


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