Cowboy Math: -5+1=???

Piling on teams in a downward spiral is one of my favorite things to do. The Dallas Cowboys, at this very moment, are in a downward spiral.

First, it’s the announcement that Tony Romo broke his pinkie in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals and will be out up to four weeks. Then comes news that RB Felix Jones and P Mat McBriar were also injured in the game. And All-Pro Terrance Newman was already out!

Now it’s the announcement, by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, that Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones will be suspended indefinitely following his most recent, allegedly alcohol-fueled, incident that took place on Oct. 8. The use of alcohol violates the three-year probation sentence Jones is serving after pleading guilty to a felony in the State of Georgia.

Romo going down is unfortunate. The other injuries are midly amusing. Jones being suspended is hilarious!

This guy gets in more ‘scraps with the law’ than O.J. Simpson!

He and Terrell Owens form the all-time oddest ‘Odd Couple.’ The psychiatry bills being paid by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones must be astronomical. Add to that the bills for ‘Pacman’ and T.O. and I don’t know how he can afford to run his team. Oh, wait… he’s infinitely rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Which means he can afford screw-ups and just wipe them away with $20 bills.

Or trade for elite receivers like Roy Williams, formerly of the Detroit Lions. Jerry Jones nabbed him right before Tuesday’s trading deadline. Williams is 6-6 and strong and will definitely take some pressure off of Owens.

But this team is in complete disarray and adding Williams will only compound the confusion.


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One response to “Cowboy Math: -5+1=???

  1. mario f.

    Wow, could be some interesting times over there in Big “D.” Just when i thought they could go all the way, im just hoping to make the playoffs in the tight race that is the NFC East.

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