Beginning Of The End For Patriots

Finally. This could be just the thing that spells disaster for the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady’s recovery from knee surgery has hit a snag. Last year’s NFL MVP has an infection in his injured knee and could possibly face another reconstruction should doctors not find a way to disinfect. And that’s not even worse-case scenario. Should doctors not be able to control the infection, Tom Terrific could face amputation.

Needless to say, Brady is on the shelf well past the beginning of next season. And the Patriots now face a uncertain future with Matt Cassel as their starting QB and questions everywhere but receiver and head coach.

Funny how losing the face on the franchise exposes the ass. I mean both butt cheeks — Randy Moss and Bill Belicheck. Moss thought he was going to hook up with Brady and Belichick and finally win a Super Bowl! And Belichick thought he could ride Brady’s magic into the sunset. I can’t wait to see Moss have one of those crying episodes that seem to be so popular with big-name receivers. Or Belichick’s futile attempt to explain losing to the New York Jets in the playoffs.

Brady’s prognosis also comes at a critical time for Boston fans. Their beloved Red Sox just lost Game 7 of the ALCS to the Tampa Bay Rays so they’re as low as they’ve been in several years. This news probably ruined their day.



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