There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Mike Singletary’s debut as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers didn’t go exactly as anticipated.

The Niners lost to the Seattle Seahawks 34-13 in San Francisco on Sunday amidst much turmoil on the home sideline.

Down two scores, the new head coach sent his starting tight end to the showers after a brief confrontation then benched the team’s starting QB following an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

After the game, Singletary put his players and staff on blast. He said he’d rather play with only 10 players than 10 players and one loser (TE Vernon Davis); that turnovers will not be tolerated (QB J.T. O’Sullivan); nor will coaches who tolerate turnovers (Mike Martz).

And that was his opening salvo. I’m thinking things are about to change in San Francisco.

The team is 2-6 and staring down its worst season yet. The offense can’t score enough, the defense can’t stop anything. Not that much of that changed on Sunday.

Still, there’s a sense that Singletary cares enough to kick some ass to get is point across.

There’s a moment on a piece of NFL Films footage where Singletary is quoted as saying:

“I’m gonna be here all day, baby! I like this kind of party!”

I’ve always admired that. It’s 20 below at Soldier Field and Singletary’s talking trash.

If he can develop that kind of insanity/bravado in Patrick Willis and the defense, Alex Smith/J.T. O’Sullivan/Sean Hill/2009 No. 1 Draft Pick could play quarterback and the 49ers would win games.


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