A Solution To The BCS Mess

Enough is enough. It’s time for an undisputed national college football champion.

It could be as easy as adding just two games. That’s it. Just two games. No crazy plus-one scenarios. No insane 16-team playoff that would require restructuring college football’s bowl season. No short-sighted misanthropes spouting about how tradition trumps truth and how the regular season IS a playoff.

It’s time for the Bowl Championship Series to finally do its job. It’s time for the participants of BCS bowls to take part in an eight-team playoff that will determine a real winner.

The bowls, Rose, Fiesta, Sugar and Orange, should serve as quarterfinal games through which the winners would advance to two semifinal games and eventually, a one championship game.

Under this proposal, the winner of the Rose Bowl would face the winner of the Fiesta Bowl in BCS Semifinal No. 1, and the winner of the Sugar Bowl would face the winner of the Orange Bowl in BCS Semifinal No. 2. The winners of these games would then play in the BCS Title Game.

How do you determine the participants of the BCS bowls? Same as always, sort of. The Rose Bowl would still pit winners of the Pac-10 and the Big 10 while the other bowls, each with their own unique histories, traditions and arrangements, would pit the winners of the other BCS conferences against each other.

Theoretically, the Fiesta Bowl could host WAC champ vs. Mountain West champ; the Sugar Bowl could host SEC champ vs. Big 12 champ; the Orange Bowl could host ACC champ vs. Big East champ.

Where does that leave teams from the MAC, the Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA, you ask? Nowhere, really.

If push came to shove, I suppose the final BCS standings could determine their worth relative to other mid-major conference teams from the WAC, the Mountain West and the Big East. This would give reason to retain the BCS standings — let the percentages dictate who competes for three spots in two bowls.

That’s infinitely more fair than allowing just two teams, deserving or otherwise, a chance at a championship.


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