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My Bracket Is Officially… Busted

What was I thinking!?!? Memphis as champs? They looked more like chumps against Missouri.

Here’s my bracket at As you can see, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I had Louisville, Pittsburgh, Memphis and Gonzaga in the Final Four. None of those teams are still around.


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My Bracket Isn’t Busted… Yet

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is down to its last 16 teams after four days of non-stop hoops from Philadelphia to Portland, Miami to Minneapolis.

I don’t know about your bracket, but mine’s mostly intact minus that flyer I took on BYU getting all the way to the Elite Eight. Heck, they didn’t even get out of the first round. That’ll be the last time I drink the Mormon Kool-Aid.

Here’s my bracket at

I have Louisville, Memphis, Pitt and Gonzaga advancing to the Final Four. The first three are pretty close to chalk — Louisville and Pitt are No. 1 seeds and Memphis is a two-seed — and I picked Gonzaga to get over on UNC because, well, I’m a little sick of the Tar Heels and Tyler Hansbrough.

I would like to see the nation’s top two guards — Memphis freshman Tyreke Evans and UNC senior Ty Lawson — square off in the title game but it’s not going to happen. Gonzaga’s Demetri Goodson, author of the tournament’s best moment thus far, is going to give Lawson and the Heels more than they can handle in the South Region semifinal on Friday.

As everyone knows by now, President Obama has UNC going all the way in his bracket. Funny this is, we both had BYU winning in the first round and Louisville, Memphis and Pitt advancing to the Final Four. Our main difference? He’s got UNC and I’ve got Gonzaga. Whatever. His bracket sucks.

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Ah Beh, Beckham

“Ah beh” is Italian for “oh well.” That’s the way I think about David Beckham.

Beckham, who is now going to finish the season with AC Milan before returning to MLS over the summer, has been doing little more than slumming for the Los Angeles Galaxy. He was coming off an ankle injury two summers ago and needed a place to play that would elevate his profile without taxing him physically. So he sort of hit the jackpot. But that was then. Now he’s healthy and ready for an international return. Give it to him. And then grant a release from his contract at the end of the season.

It’s clear — he’s fallen in love with Italy and desperately wants to hang in Milan, where his pale wife actually fits in among the Euro chic. He wants to play with Kaka and Ronaldihno and Pirlo and Shevchenko and Seedorf, Gattuso, Emerson and Inzaghi. And do it all for as long as he possibly can. There’s no way a swinger like Becks would pass up an opportunity like that.

Go have your fantasies fulfilled whilst you can, Golden Balls.

You’re not much more than your silly nicknames, anymore.

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