Moment Of 2010

There weren’t many dull moments in 2010.

We’ve all seen at least one Year in Review; the economy, the oil spill, the Giants winning the World Series. Tragic events, all.

What I’ll remember most about this year, just past, is not about global emasculation or sporting consternation. What I’ll remember most is just a single moment. It was the moment I told my oldest son, as his soccer coach, to shoot for goal on a direct free kick and he immediately responded by scoring.

The words hadn’t left my mouth faster that he exploited the opening in the defense. It was fluid. It was on target. It was sublime.

It was a moment I had never expected and a moment that I’ll probably cherish for eternity, embellishing it to the point of exhaustion to listeners. … “It was in extra time in a tournament final…”

For now, anyway, the moment is still fresh in my mind and makes me thankful for the opportunity to be a father.

Happy New Year!


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