Taking Down Christmas

It’s a mission that needs to be discretly planned and executed under a cloak of secrecy.

Taking down Christmas.

The boys love, LOVE Christmas. And why shouldn’t they? They’re 5 and 2 and receiving gifts is even more exciting than Nicklodeon. And they have a love affair with everything that’s included: the tree, the lights, the decorations, the candy.

Taking down Christmas is taking down their holiday love affair. It breaks their little hearts. I know this.

That’s why I’ll be removing it all tomorrow, while the oldest has his first day back at school. It’s a schrewd maneuver. I know this.

He’ll see the tree in the morning and all will be right with the world. He’ll come home and the monument that physically manifests his holiday love affair will be gone.

I could argue why it’s better this way. At this point, with the tree still standing on Jan. 2, taking it down tonight could potentially ruin tomorrow morning for him, and I don’t want that. It’s his first day back to school and I think it’s important he not have to deal with radical change the morning of.

Removing it while he’s at school eliminates any interference, allows for time, and creates a scenario in which we move on with January 2011 rather than dwell in a holiday already nine days removed.

We move on. We can play a game or go the park. Or he can go take a nap. It’s up to him.

Then who’s fault is it that we’re not having fun?


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