How I’ve Lost Baseball Mitts

This is the third one, now, that I’ve misplaced since the mid 1990s.

To me, a baseball mitt is best invention ever created for sport. The baseball, sure, it’s nice — (shout out to footballs, soccer balls) — but sewing soft cowhide to mold four fingers and a thumb to catch the darn thing? That’s genius.

And though this may seem contradictory — I’ve cherished each of mine.

My first glove was dark blue and I used it for the first two years of Little League. It was over-sized and rigid but I loved it. So much so that I left it under my seat at a California Angels vs. Minnesota Twins game in 1992.

I then received TWO mitts that Christmas, a Rawlings outfielder’s mitt and a Diamond Pro infielder’s mitt. I let a former Little League teammate borrow my Rawlings and I never saw it again. That left me with the Diamond Pro, which I used for all things baseball/softball up until I noticed it was missing about a week ago.

It was a terrific piece of equipment — and reliable — but alas, it is gone. I’ve combed the garage and my truck and it’s no where to found.

I want to think that one of my current softball teammates grabbed it and is holding it, but that seems more like a fairytale than a probability.

So now I must play with my wife’s old Mizuno softball mitt from high school. It’s not very big and is also rigid from limited use in the last decade-plus. And I have to use it Wednesday night in our team’s season finale.

Maybe I’ll get a new one. But I’d probably just lose that one too.


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