The Apple Juice Situation

I don’t know what got into me. I just wanted to drink apple juice — and a lot of it.

The restaurant had Martinelli’s brand apple juice on the menu and I went for it. Three-and-a-half tall glasses later, I began to think I had made a mistake.

An 6-foot-2 adult male can hold, on average, about 37 ounces, according to I can hold considerably more, and tonight I consumed around 45 oz. of the sweet stuff.

Why? There’s something about drinking apple juice that made me thirsty for more apple juice. Plus, it tastes ridiculously good. It’s a deceptive combination, and not one that occurs to me very often. I maybe enjoy a couple of glasses a month, and I hadn’t gorged myself in so long I had apparently forgotten about its side-effects.

Oh well. You live  and you learn. And then you forget.


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