Getting Harbaugh

So it took $5 million a season over five seasons but they did it. The San Francisco Forty-Niners are ready to embark on a new mission, with a new coach.

Jim Harbaugh, Stanford football coach and Bay Area native, has agreed to become the head coach of the team, effective immediately. I love, LOVE, this for several reasons.

— Harbaugh is a quarterback guru. He’s coming to a team with just about everything in place but a competant, consistant quarterback. He’ll make the position his top priority.

— Harbaugh is a traditionalist. He likes his teams to run the football and play smash-mouth defense, and will hire the coaches to get it done. 

— Harbaugh is indifferent with the media. He could take’em or  leave’em, and would much rather the focus be on the player than himself.

It’s also not a far stretch to say Harbaugh is almost everything former coach Mike Singletary was not — offensive, direct and nonconfrontational. The team clearly wanted to go in a vastly different direction.

So it took $5 million a season over five seas0ns. The change alone will be worth every penny.


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