Letter To Tony Reagins

Mr. Tony Reagins —

Is this supposed to be the move that satiates Los Angeles Angels fans?

Your boss, Arte Moreno, has the money. You, Tony Reagins, need to be using it. But not on questionable acquisitions.

Was trading fan-favorite Mike Napoli for an aging (perhaps eroding) All-Star like Vernon Wells your best possible move?

Absolutely not. You could have brought back Vladimir Guerrero for a farewell tour, and at far less, but it was decided that taking on Wells’ monster contract was better than getting Vladdy to sign at a few million for just one season.

And now the team is cluttered with centerfielders, old and new. Wells will probably move to a corner. Torii Hunter already has. Does that mean that touted minor-leaguer Mike Trout gets his chance, or maybe speedster Peter Bourjos? That’s pretty awkward.

And while I’m at awkward… when will the team ever develop a third baseman worth two bits? I’m exhausted by Brandon Wood. Maicer Izturis and/or Alberto Callaspo do not qualify as a strength at the hot corner.

Also, Scott Kazmir is a dog. He gets one more season from me. If I don’t see legitimate improvement by May, I’ll refuse to watch or attend any game in which he starts. And don’t bother moving him to the bullpen. Give him his outright release.

This team is blessed with a stout manager who could be a hall-of-fame manager if the people putting his team together could figure out some things rather than just spending cash and making moves all willy-nilly.

You’re the General Manager, Mr. Reagins. I hope you’ll see that some of these issues can be resolved.

Thanks $84 million,
Obviously Stuck With Vernon Wells Now



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2 responses to “Letter To Tony Reagins

  1. Miller

    More importantly, what does this mean for my fantasy team? Outside of Weaver, the Angels are bad for business for fantasy rosters.

  2. Miller

    and I heard it’s going to be Bourjos in center.

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