Ken Aston Camp: Day 2

The meat of the 2011 AYSO Ken Aston Referee Camp has come to pass, and now it’s time to fully digest what happened today.

And what better way to do so than to do transcribe my notes on offside from Saturday’s lectures? Hey, c’mon. It’ll be fun for you and studying for me!


For offside to be called, four criteria must be met:
— The player is ahead of the ball
— In the opponent’s half
— With fewer than two defenders
— At the moment the ball is played or touched by a teammate

In addition to gaining advantage from being in an offside position, a player can also be called offside for interfering with active play or interfering with an opponent. This means they don’t actually have to have received the ball in order to be judged offside; simply interfering with the game will suffice.


I actually took two pages of notes on the topic today but I managed to boil down one of the most confusing plays in soccer — and maybe sports — into a four-item list and a short paragraph. And that’s what a good referee does, I think. He makes this wacky game easy to understand and therefore play for its participants.

Anyway, there was lots of back-and-forth about offside, we even watched some old-school MLS videos illustrating referees good and bad offside decisions. They dimmed the lights for those and I narrowly avoided falling asleep after playing outside all day.

And it wasn’t play so much as work.

We did the fitness test this afternoon and in order to complete to the class referees must run one mile in less than 12 minutes, run 200 meters in less than 44 seconds, and run 55 meters in less than 10 seconds. I came in following a guy twice my age. Ugh.

I did the mile in a little less than 8-and-a-half minutes, the 200 meters in 32.4 seconds and the 55 meters in 6.5 seconds. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have eaten that slice of pizza for lunch. I’ll blame the dairy of my inefficiency this day.

Say cheese!


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One response to “Ken Aston Camp: Day 2

  1. Craig

    Ohhh my fellow referee …. I must comment.
    First, congrats on passing the Advanced exam … congrats on attending Ken Aston (I attended for my Intermediate and Advanced training several years ago … loved it … couldn’t make the National course this year due to conflict with a Scout camp). Finally, congrats on your blog … very entertaining … BUT, your offside criteria omits the requirement for involvement in active play (very important … how many AR’s have I had to correct when they offer “I’ll just raise the flag when I see a player in an offside position and you make the call when you think it’s really offside” ?? – NO! (else they’ll be pumping the flag all match, irritating everybody).

    I like to think of offside requiring THREE criteria (with two including three sub-criteria each):
    1. Player has to be in an offside position (requiring, as you observed, a- ahead of ball; b- in opponents half; c- with fewer than two defenders).
    2. At time ball last touched or played by teammate, again, as you observed.
    3. Involved in active play (either by a- interfering with the ball; or b- interfering with an opponent; or c- gaining an advantage (rebound).

    Criteria 3, above, is critical and its omission often leads to early or incorrect offside calls. Hope your assessments go well in the fall! YIR –
    – Craig

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