Ken Aston Camp: Day 3

I came into the 2011 AYSO Ken Aston Referee Camp with one mission — completing my Advanced Referee training.

Mission accomplished.

Not only did I pass the fitness test on Saturday, but I passed the FIFA Laws of the Game examination on Sunday, earning 106 of 115 possible points.

All that now stands between me and an AYSO Advanced Referee badge is assessment, which will likely take place early in the Fall season. I’ll probably receive my badge from the national office shortly thereafter.

Anyway, back to the recent past… following the Laws test on Sunday (which was actually quite difficult), a few of us walked to a local Starbucks then came back to the Chapman University campus to dissect some videos of professional referees at their best (and worst).

We were then treated to an AYSO boys U-16 match in which both the referee and one of his assistants were being assessed for their Advanced Referee badges (sort of ironic), and after which time we went back to the classroom to discuss what we saw.

We then had lunch and pretty much called it a wrap. The instructors went over the test and signed our paperwork. They then gave us our certificates, whistles and coins. We turned in our dorm keys and went home.

In synopsis, AYSO Region 47 (Riverside) sent five referees to the Advanced Referee course, four of which completed all phases of the training.

And with an overall success rate of around 50 percent for all regions, I’d say that Riverside put in the work and represented our region and its volunteers really, really well.

We should be commended, or something.


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