U.S. Soccer Sends Clear Message

I spent the last hour watching Claudio Reyna, the new U.S. Soccer Federation Director of Youth Player Development, give a presentation on the new coaching cirriculum.

Watch the video here.

I’ll give him a B+ for effort — he’s not Tony Robbins or anything — and an A+ for the content of his message.

U.S. Soccer must change. We’re not competing against each other anymore. We’re competing against the world.

Reyna has played in the English Premier League with Manchester City, among others, and has a friendly relationship with Pep Guardiola, the famed Barcelona FC coach. He has an insider’s view of the best soccer on planet Earth, making himthe perfect man to direct the future of U.S. futbol.

His message was centered around the new U.S. Soccer Youth Player Development cirriculum. Its four philophies are centered in the tactical, technical, physical and psycho-social aspects of the game. The best teams coach for these four, and so should we.

He stressed age-appropriate organization and coaching, with passing, receiving, shooting and 1v1 situations the most integral areas for development.

He wants all coaches (even your Mom) to have a plan. That’s why he helped create the curriculum, which includes outlines for both macro (season) and micro (weekly) coaching plans.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he urged all coaches to preach development over winning. It’s a mental hurdle, and one I’ve seen some people unable to clear.

Those people need to get away from coaching soccer.

Player intentions and their training come first, not Team A defeating Team B on Saturday morning. U.S. Soccer needs humble, hard-working, selfless devotees to the game. The kind of coaches who can make the difference, the kind willing to teach unrelenting attacking football.

This cirriculum is the start of a movement toward a brighter day for U.S. Soccer.


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