Bynum May Be Lakers’ Downfall

I usually don’t agree with L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke. He’s a blow-hard hall-moniter with a silver pen. I was all smiles, though, when he wrote this morning that the Lakers should trade 23-year-old center Andrew Bynum.

Read his column here.

Bynum has been caught (not by police) of parking in handicapped spots around Los Angeles and Plaschke is “up to here” with Bynum’s immaturity. He wants Bynum to grow up or get out.

Well I don’t care if he grows up. I just want him to get out.

Simply, Bynum has not been the dominant force I’d hoped he’d be by now, and injuries have been his major issue. When he has played he has been inconsistent as hell, with fewer than 12 really good NBA games.

The Lakers, and especially Lakers president Jimmy Buss (Bynum’s sugar-daddy), need to wise up and shop the 7-footer before he re-injures himself and his value drops even further.

What happened to trade talks of Bynum and half the Lakers for Dwight Howard? That conversation needs to get fired up. Now.

Bynum’s future in L.A. is tenuous. Another injury or indiscretion and there’ll be further dissipation of his value.

Add his issues to a list that includes Kobe Bryant’s flap with new coach Mike Brown, Pau Gasol’s injured psyche, and the lack of a true point guard, and Bynum defaulting on his tremendous promise ought to be enough to damage this season (and beyond) for the Lakers.

Call in the trade, Mr. Buss. Settle for draft picks. Do it.


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