NFL Is Back, To My Chagrin

Part of me was really hoping for a truncated National Football League 2011 season.

Why? I’m a little burned out on fantasy football.

Don’t get me wrong. The concept is a beautiful thing — the draft, the players, the weekly point totals — but it also becomes a burden if you’re invested enough to want to win. And it can be engrossing at its best, debilitating at its worse.

I’m tired of being somewhere in between, depending on how many leagues I’m in that season.

I was really hoping for an 8- or 10-game season plus playoffs. Instead, it’ll be a full season sans the Hall of Fame game, the league’s most dispensable event. In fact, it’ll be so darn close to being just like the lockout never happened that’ll it’ll seem like the lockout never happened.

There won’t be one 2011 season game effected, not even one real PRESEASON game effected.

It’ll be like nothing ever happened. And the NFL is back, to my chagrin.


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