Smith Getting One Last Try(Out)

This former No. 1 just got one last shot. Maybe that’s all he deserves.

Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms on one-year, $5 million contract on Wednesday, insuring that he’ll at least get a look from new coach Jim Harbaugh.

Read the bit here.

Smith battled injuries and inconsistency but was productive the last two seasons, averaging more 2,300 yards each season while playing just 22 of a possible 34 games. He also threw for 32 TDs and 22 INTs during that time – all while playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in the National Football League.

That’s why I think Smith deserves his shot with the new regime. Not because I think the 27-year-old is better than what he is (he’s a slightly above-average QB), but because he’s resilient, and he’s finally behaving as though he really is the leader of this team; He’s the one that organized Niners’ workouts during the lockout.  

According the, Smith made the decision the re-sign “after speaking with new coach Jim Harbaugh and, in part, because he wants to prove he wasn’t a Bay Area bust.”

A Bay Area bust? He’ll never be as big as BALCO.

But if he wants to try he can avoid missing the playoffs again. I think that’d be enough to reignite the fans, and show the team that invested so heavily (Smith was tha NFL’s No. 1 overall pick in ’05) that there is hope for the five-time champs, who haven’t made the playoffs since ’02.

Consider this $5 million your last, Alex.

Better yet… it’s your last shot in San Francisco.


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