Not So Amused Any More

We have annual passes to a couple of amusement parks here in Southern California. We like to take the kids.

Anyway, we were enjoying another fun-filled Saturday when I was again reminded of just how crude, rude and disgusting some people behave in public.

We spent more than five hours there and aside from the general callousness and public drunkenness of some people,  the day was pretty normal. (Have I ever mentioned the children on backpack leashes?! What a joke!) It wasn’t until we were leaving that I witnessed three incidents that really illustrated certain levels of crude, rude and disgusting behavior.

1. A haggard-looking couple inhales a couple of cigarettes apiece before entering with a 3- or 4-year-old in tow. What is this child learning from these people? Addiction. That’s pretty crude.

2. A giant ‘I’m allergic to stupid people ah-choo’ t-shirt on an even bigger redneck. … It was alarming and most definitely rude, especially to his family, who are clearly just as allergic and unlikely to ever shake that big-ass bug.

3. A man and woman clasping cigarettes and a stroller stopped right in the middle of a busy walkway to search for a lighter. … To be so ignorant of the people around you, to have such blatant disregard for anything but your habit — it must be bliss.

What happened to decency? What happened courtesy? Am I speaking a foreign language with these words?

There was a time when I didn’t notice (and therefore care about) things like this. But not anymore. And it’s not all that amusing.


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