A Quick Stream (Not Like That)

I’ve wanted to write a stream-of-consciousness blog for some time now. Just get down my random thoughts during the second half of the Argentina-England game (on DVR) and sorta see where it goes. It’s the U-20 World Cup, BTW.

Argentina has dominated possession but both team are flopping all over the field. The referee, some Latin cat, is down a good job and has called literally 40-plus fouls to this point.

I like England’s Knott. He plays up front, and seems to be the emotional leader for The Three Lions.

England is decent on the ball but are prone to making bad passes.

Little nicks are causing train wrecks. Argentina’s Facundo Farreyra is the worst perp of them all. He leaves in the 59th minute.

Argentina plays a terrific ‘triangle’ passing style. If the object was to pass and possess it’d be world champs.

These referees are really doing a great job. (I’ve become so bias.)

What do I make of Jurgen Klinsmann’s press conference? He smiles a lot.

Referee’s really trying to get a handle on behavior inside the penalty area on a free kicks. That’s tough to do.

England is making good decisions right now. It needs to hold possession for longer than five seconds.

Some England players put their hands up, as if to say ‘exuse me’, whilst running with an Argentinean who has the ball. Doesn’t make any sense to me. They’ve still been whistled for more infractions.

Still 0-0 in the 68th minute. A couple of long corner kicks by Argentina have amounted to little. That team needs a tall guy.

For an international rivalry with as much former heat at England-Argentina, this game has been fiery but ultimately, a dud.

England’s content to hold it here in the 70th minute. Too easy in giving it away.

Assistant referees are making correct calls on hair-thin offside infractions. Nice.

McManaman’s kid is coming out in the 72nd minute. He hustled a lot. Also, he’s missing his dad Steve’s famous flop top. Callum looks to crew in his down time.

Randy Moss retires? Uh-huh. Like Brett Favre retires. Both’ll probably be in training camps by the end of the month.

Still knotted at goose eggs in the 76th minute. Nothing happening.

Oh! First yellow card to Argentine Pereyra. He kicked an England player, Smith, near the touchline. Referee could have shown red there. Yellow was probably right. Keeps the game moving.

Pereyra’s mullet is too tidy.

England finally has a chance as Ngoo’s brilliant run sets up a teammate who misses the sitter. Brutal.

Argentina misses a sitter on the way back. A corner kick setup by a long run stemming from an advantage call, but player bounces it OVER the cross-bar from within six yards.

Ngoo is England best player, on the ball, on maybe any level. If he’s not starting for the Three Lions at Brazil 2014, something has gone wrong.

Thinking of World Cups… this one’s being held in Colombia. Friggin’ Colombia gets a World Cup? And Medellin is one of the host cities? You’ve got to be kidding me.

England’s Hurst comes on and runs over some poor guy’s ankles and get shown a yellow. He looks thug-lite, as much as any cream-skinned Brit can be, or in the way of the NBA’s Matt Barnes.

This game’s destined for a scoreless draw. All chances squandered. Put me to sleep.


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