Deciding Between Club Or Prep

I have a decision to make.

I’ve received an invitation to join the local high school soccer referee group, the Inland California Soccer Officials Association.

It’s $120 to join and I have to reach certain criteria, but I can referee local high school games this winter. I have many questions but mostly I wonder w hether the level of play be any better or faster than the best U-16s I’ve seen this summer. I’d be interested to see.

So say I did join, and I’m doing a few high school games a week. I don’t think I’d be able to referee in the regional youth club league, the Coast Soccer League. Conflicting game schedules would be a big nightmare.

Double-dipping, if it’s not already abolished, would put me in a position of having to decline CSL games assigned to my local association, and I don’t really want to do that. That’s bad form.

But isn’t it also risky to decline my first invitation to officiate in the CSL? That’s sort of off-outting, right?

What I really want to do is referee a lot of AYSO games this fall while I’m coaching my boys U-8 team. Do a bunch of upper-division matches in preparation for the high school season in the winter. Then begin with the CSL in the spring.

I don’t sound crazy when I say that aloud, so it seems like the logical, most efficient way to allot my referee time.

Now I need to go run. A lot.


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