U8s This Season

I’m coaching my son’s AYSO team again this season. In many ways it’s irrelevant what I try to teach the kids because they’re just so young. In other ways it’s important that they receive soccer instruction at such an early age of their development.

You can cut it either way.

I’m of the opinion that such early instruction is valuable, if not completely necessary, for a growing soccer player. The sooner a player is comfortable with the ball at his/her feet, the sooner more technical aspects can be added.

So far we’ve had two practices, and I’ve given the players their uniforms. I tested them in our first practice, playing an active game of sharks and minnows (with me as the shark) to see how well each player could move and shield the ball.

In our second practice I ran a series of dribbling drills to get them used to working the ball around with both feet. Then I had the players take me on, 1-v-1, to goal. They seemed to enjoy that quite a bit.

Tomorrow’s practice is going to be all about footwork, and then goalkeeping. Everyone’s going to play between the pipes this season, so I’ll have them catching the ball, retrieving the ball, and distributing the ball until everyone gets the general concept.

As I told the boys on the first day, “We’re going to allow a bunch of goals, but hopefully no more than we score.”

Tomorrow will go a long way toward the goal of preventing goals.


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