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Paterno A Cautionary Tale?

When some icons fall, they fall hard. This one is specifically more horrid than usual.

Joe Paterno, arguably the greatest coach in collegiate football history, will resign after this season following charges one of his assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky, molested young men, and did so in the football facilities at Penn State University.

It’s all over the sports pages. Senior columnists are going crazy. The L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschke got all righteous (per usual), yesterday while the Miami Herald’s Dan LeBetard was on point with his scathing assessment today.

Paterno’s career, at least since 2002 when he first knew about the allegations against Sandusky, is a fraud. All the Big 10 wins, the four bowl game victories, all off it. Fraudulent.

And with every opportunity to retire since (and he’s had plenty) he has marked another year off the calendar that he pretended that none of it was happening. That Sandusky The Sodomizer wasn’t prowling Penn State’s hallowed halls in search of his next victim.

It’s all really gross and unseemly.

Plaschke’s right, if Penn State’s administration was unwilling to do anything to stop Sandusky, then Paterno should have swept the retired pedophile under the rug.

LeBetard is absolutely right in his reasoning on why Paterno, who is not really guilty of anything, should resign. It’s right there in the Penn State’s alma mater.

And Joe Pa just wrought a whole lotta shame. 

Joe Paterno, oh Joe Paterno… why didn’t you retire when you had the chance? Poor sweet Joe, you’re once-great career is now tainted by Sandusky’s shower stance.


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