Parenting Young Men

We want to raise our sons to be strong and brave, but it’s hard to see any results when it’s nothing but whining and crying.

Where’s the toughness? Where’s the machismo?

Certainly, behaviours are learned and repeated. It stands to reason that if I’m strong and brave, then they’ll see it and eventually start to emulate.

But then again, they’re just 6 and 2 and being strong means picking up toys, and being brave means going into an unlit room to flipp the light switch.

But what about five or ten years from now, when decisions have to be made about how to react on the playground, or even in the company of adults.

Will all the examples, all the training, prove useful to them? Will they decide to take charge of a situation and see it through to a just conclusion?

Will they be able to stand up for themselves, or others, when they’re being mis-treated. What will their first instinct be in an emergency?

These are all questions that cannot be answered until they are answered, but that leaves me questioning whether or not more can be done to create men. The kind of men other men look up to. My boys are gonna be tall.


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