Brandy-Sniftin’ BCS Bonanza

With the announcements of this season’s BCS schedule, I’ve decided that I’ve had enough with the SEC-dominated landscape of the BCS.

Yes, 100 percent of NFL rosters had SEC alums, and the SEC makes up for a ridiculous percentage of those rosters, but it’s not college football. It’s something else. It’s a super conference of which only the Alabamas, the LSUs, the Floridas, the Georgias, the Auburns — and coming next season, Texas A&M! — are members.

It reeks of Southern gentlemen drinking brandy from snifters as they siphon cash from their coffers. And I’m sick of it.

The players that play in that conference, my god the players, are some of the best athletes in the world. And they’re being purchased, monetarily or nay, to be football stars by these uber-rich, brandy-sniftin’ sonofabitches to make them even more money.

And all the players get is the chance at an education and a four to five-year contract. The players play, most skip classes, and everybody wins. The Brandy Snifters get the best product for their dollar, and the young men make their CEOs fantastic amounts of cold, hard cash.

Which, I suppose, brings me to a larger topic out the state of the BCS. I’ve written about the Bowl Championship Series on this blog before. I think this time, I just don’t care anymore. Or maybe I’m angry. Definitely frustrated.

There should by somebody, somewhere (maybe on Twitter) who is Occupying The Bowl Championship Series. I’d be willing to guess that only one percent of NCAA presidents have a piece of the pie. What about those other 99 percent of those presidents?

Sure, they’ll stick in an odd Virginia Tech or Stanford in the mix, to keep it relevant, but it’s easy to see that there’s serious money being made by these teams and their conferences. The BCS will go to great lengths to prove that a TCU, Boise State or Oregon has a shot. And they do. Certainly, on the field, they do.

But not every day, every year for the past decade. Six of the past 10 BCS champions are from the SEC. And this year’s championship is LSU vs. Alabama? Thud.

I know, I know. TCU won the Rose Bowl! Boise State beat Oklahoma! Oregon took Auburn to the wire in last year’s title game!

But did they? Did they really?


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