New Year’s Resolutions

I usually shy away from resolutions of any kind (don’t wanna be tied down, ya see?) but maybe this will be cathartic or therapeutic or whatever.

Things I resolve to do in 2012 (listed in no particular order):

— Dominate my baseball fantasy league. It’s never happened, and I’ve never even qualified for the four-team playoffs, but it’s about time I changed all that.

— Start writing a book. I’d love to do a biography, but something with a broader base also could work.

— Practice investigative journalism. There’s a story brewing already.

— Referee more soccer games. I went to referee camp this year but I officiated less than 50 games in 2011. That’s simply not enough. I have to get more assignments, and assessments, if I’m going to get better.

— Obtain my AYSO National Referee badge. The Ken Aston Camp in June will allow me that opportunity, if only I’m invited. Oh, and I still need to be assessed for my Advanced Referee badge in order to become eligible.

— Be able to run faster, longer. I run well, but it looks like I need to prepare and participate in 5Ks and 10Ks if I’m going to have the fitness level needed to advance as a professional referee.

— Be a better soccer coach. After getting off the a 3-0-0 start this season, my patience during practice began to wane as we finished the season 2-3-2. The kids often became too silly, I struggled to reign them in, and drills suffered. Maybe I need to be tougher, or more strict or focused. Or maybe I need better drills. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Whew. OK. I better stop there before I take on more than I can chew.

Sure, I could write things like, “Be a better husband and father,” but those are concepts I spend time thinking about and practicing every day. Putting it here would be redundant.

I also could write, “Be more awesome,” but again… redundant.


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