Coyotes Slam Azusa To Open 2012

Wouldn’t you know it?

I’ve latched onto a new gig, as part-time stat keeper for the Cal State San Bernardino athletics department.

I’ll be working for an awesome guy, doing awesome things and all of it for minimal pay! (With a few notable exceptions, it’s pretty much the story of my working life.)

This time, I’m working for former co-worker turned boss-man Mark Reinhiller, a man with the great vision to hire a great visionary (me) while I’m still working for peanuts. Only great visionaries do something they love and get paid what they want for it. And now you you can see why I got a job where I’ll be spending a lot of time at a ballpark — ballpark, peanuts — get it?

Anyway, I’ll be stat-keepin’ this season for the Coyotes (1-0 overall), who defeated Azusa Pacific 12-0 behind some big hits and a huge double play.

Edwin Mendoza had the biggest hit, smacking a towering three-run homer in his second at-bat that hit the top of the left-field foul pole. Paul Eshleman and Matt Winn also had big hits, but Mendoza’s mammoth homer could be the stuff of legend.

Then, with the bases loaded with one out in the seventh, winded starter Casey McCarthy got out of the inning when 2B Curtis Cassisse, SS Mike Newell and 1B Brandon Day turned a tight double play, prompting applause from those in the press box.

And there should be plenty of applause this season. The Coyotes have a deep and talented roster filled with scads of locals, including more than a few who played at four-time state JUCO champ Riverside City College. Factor in that CSUSB has had a number of players taken in the MLB Draft in recent years, and this could be a big year for Coach Don Parnell’s team.

It should be a good time for me, and needless to say, I’m looking forward to spending some time at the yard.

This yard, Fiscalini Field at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino, is a venerable space with decent grounds and reasonable ammenities. Make no mistake — it’s a throwback to when the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Browns (BROWNS!) used it as a spring training site — but it’s serviceable.

And the Coyotes clearly mash there. They slammed Azusa to open the 2012 season.


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