Locomotion Sunday

A little sore, but imminently ready, I refereed two more games on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012.

And I have to say, I’m really having fun at this year’s Locomotion tournament. The games have been great, and I haven’t had to show a single card through five games. Oh, and I’m getting the opportunity to work with some tremendous referees.

The two games I worked on Sunday, a U12 girls and a U14 girls, were both extremely competitive contests with spots in the championship round on the line.

I was specially assigned to the first game, Corona vs. Chino Hills, because of sideline issues stemming from CH’s previous game. Apparently, CH’s coach had to be sent off after their sideline was warned numerous times. I was told this going in, and was given the intruction to to levee punishment if I deemed in necessary. Fortunately, I didn’t have to take such action, and after Corona scored a couple of early goals, Chino Hills stormed back to tie the game, and then scored the only two goals of the second half to come away with 4-2 victory.

The second game was mine to officiate, and it pitted Beverly Hills (a team I refereed on Saturday) against Palmdale. The two teams played to a scoreless halftime, and if not for a sramble in the goal area that led to the first goal, the game probably would have ended in a scoreless draw. As it was, Palmdale was able to find the back of the net, and Beverly Hills was not, and so went their championship fortunes.

Among the referees I’ve worked with include Riverside’s Pablo Sanchez. A local middle school principal, Sanchez is among the funniest, most willing-to-laugh referees I’ve ever met. Hardly a serious moment has been had while we work together, which makes even the most intense game extremely enjoyable, and teaming with him has definitely made this weekend more fun than it probably should be.

Also, the burritos today were fan-freaking-tastic. So there’s that.


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