Locomotion Monday

Locomotion 2012 wrapped up, for me, with my 9:30 a.m. arrival.

I was scheduled to be a standby for 10 a.m., and then work championship games at 12 and 2 p.m.

Well, there actually was enough referees to cover all the games at 10 a.m. so I ended up goofing off with Patrick Weidhase, the sophomore captain of the frosh soccer team at Riverside King. He had to retrieve several of my errant passes.

11 a.m. rolled around and it became time to get ready for my first game, a Girls U14 championship between Chino Hills and Corona at noon.

I was Francisco Davila’s senior assistant, and worked the opposite sideline from Pablo Sanchez.

Davila insisted that we wear pink jerseys for the game. So much so that he brought jerseys for everyone. I now own a pink referee jersey. It’s actually very nice.

The game was competitive, more than the final scoreline indicated. Chino Hills won, 4-0, but not after taking Corona’s best shot.

I was then tasked to referee the a Boys U10 championship at 2 p.m. This game was going to be contentious (all U10 games are) and I knew it was going to be a headache before I even looked at either team.

Surprisingly, the action was great until I called for a dangerous play infraction against a Palos Verdes team that was already winning 3-0 10-plus minutes into the second half.

On the play, the boys are on their butts with the ball between one’s legs. There’s no dangerous contact happening and the players quickly resolve and resume playing while one voice on PV’s sideline screams for a call.

“It’s gotta go both ways referee!”

“So that wasn’t dangerous?”

“What were you looking at?”

I stopped the game. Look at the coach and tell him there was no infraction. He tells me  the same three things he just said. I tell him that if I have to stop the game again to talk to him, there’ll be consequences.

That’s when a rather large Hispanic male says, “You need to be doing a better job.”

“Are you a coach?” I ask him. No response. “Keep it to yourself then.”

Palos Verdes won the game easily, 4-1, and the coach thanked me after the game and told me I did a great job. Sometimes that actually happens.

Fun stuff. And I got a pair of L.A. Galaxy tickets to the MLS opener for doing it.


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