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A Week Of Wind-esdays

When one camps in a tent, weather is a factor.

Sometimes it’s the heat. Every so often it’ll be rain. This week it was the wind.

Oh, that stupid f*cking wind.

It blew aggressively at night, gale-force gusts of upwards of 40-50 mph, and almost primarily from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., leaving me sleepless against it relentless fury.

And it would blow desert sand into my tent through the mesh vents located directly above, covering me in a fine grit that got in my mouth and eyes and onto my pillow. Eck.

We set up the RV at Agua Caliente Campground near Borrego Springs (Ca.) starting Monday but because of tight quarters (and general preference) I pitch my tent and sleep outside. Sometimes one of the boys joins me, sometimes they don’t. I have an air mattress and comfy and warm sleeping bags which I zip together to create one BIG sleeping bag. It’s pretty sweet, really.

But this time the wind severely interrupted what would have otherwise been great sleeping conditions. The nights were cool but not chilly, and the mornings warm but not hot. I’m talking I-D-E-A-L.

Yet that ridiculous magical energy that’s created when hot and cold air collide totally effed up the night-time portion of my Spring Break.

The day time part was tons of fun, though. We went swimming and rock climbing every day, did some hiking and lots of reading, and even got in a bike ride. All without mobile or internet access or any other connection to the outside world.

That’s what I think I’ll remember most about this past week. The time I was able to spend dis-connected.

And not that godforsaken wind.


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