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False Alarm!

Amazing how a false-positive test score can make your head spin.

With everything seemingly ready to go, and my ducks in a row, she finally texts to say that they’re going to release her in just a few minutes.

In hospital lexicon, to be released one first has to be admitted. How could that have been?

Well, she had gone for one of her now twice weekly check-ups, and ended up getting admitted into labor and delivery.

Turns out, the nurse received a positive test for the release of amniotic fluid. The moment, apparently, had arrived.

She was immediately eschewed toward L&D (as she likes to call it) and met a doctor and a midwife and all systems were go.

But then they did some more tests, a sonogram, an ultrasound, etc., and everything was status normal. Baby’s fine. Getting ready to go, but fine.

And the test? Simply a clinical error.

There weren’t any false-positive or clinical errors with either of my two older boys. They were simply ready when they were ready.

This one might have other ideas.


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About To Have This Baby

So when your wife tects you and says they (the nurse practitioners) think her water may have broken, you kinda get a chill down your spine.

But this is child No. 3 for me now, so it’s sort of old hat.

Anyway, I’ve packed her a bag, got the infant car seat ready to go, and pulled out the basonet that we purchased but had yet to assemble. All in about 15 seconds.

And then the phone rings. It’s her Dad. He wants to have dinner. What should I say? Anything? I mutter something about her having an appointment today, or something. I feel like I’m speaking jibberish.

Hang up the phone. Stand around in a daze. What else should I be doing?

We’re having a friggin’ baby!

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