UCLA Should Finally Hire Kareem

Looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s non-stop yearning to be UCLA’s basketball coach could finally be quenched.

And why not?

Abdul-Jabbar is one of the game’s all-time greats, and represents a link to legendary coach John Wooden, whom he played for from 1966-’69.

And isn’t that what every Bruins fan is yearning for? A return to the good ol’ days?

Kareem represents that, and then he brings his own postmodern twist.

Seriously, what’s a three-year contract to a guy who might be the right guy? Cause the last guy sure wasn’t the right guy, not after about Year 3 of his contract.

Abdul-Jabbar does have a spotty coaching history — personal coach to Michael Olowokandi — and a perhaps even more spotty personal history — cannabis, anyone? — but someone inside the halls at UCLA should make the right choice this time, and give its greatest living alum the job.


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