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Another Brush With Greatness

I’ve met my share of TV stars, rock band heroes and pro athletes. It’s exhilarating and rarely normal. Which makes a most recent brush with greatness all the more “new.”

Leigh Steinberg requested to follow me on LinkedIn, and today I accepted.

Steinberg is the sports agent of sports agents. Literally, Jerry Maguire. And he wants to follow me!

Note: I checked it out and it’s legit. The account is solid, and I’m sure he has a social media team working hard to find hard-working folk like yours truly.

Conjecture aside, it’s pretty humbling. Steinberg is well educated and well connected. He’s a California guy, Berkeley grad, and lives in the O.C. from where he has established his foundation.

His credentials in pro sports are unmatched — especially in the National Football League — and he’s spent his fortune with philanthropic purpose.

I’d love to pick his brain but should probably read his books first. Then maybe I’ll click that “send message” tab and fire off a detailed missive.

Wow. Leigh Steinberg. Just a click away.


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